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Spring Cleaning – Include These in Your Checklist

A lot of people realise the pleasure of cleaning the house only after the completion of the task. That is because cleaning homes require plenty of hard work. Although cleaning every nook and corner of your home will never become effortless, there are ways in which you can make this activity feasible, as well as enjoyable.

Here are some tips and tricks for you.

Clean Ceilings and Walls

Remove dust using a vacuum. You can use a solvent-free degreaser to address the persistent surface dirt in your kitchen and other rooms. Before you use the degreaser, test it in a concealed area to find out if it can potentially damage the surface.

Reseal the Lines of Grout

Grout is the cement-based substance used in between the tiles of the floor, countertop and wall. It is totally permeable and is prone to stain quickly. Use a little foam brush to reseal with a good grout sealer.

Vacuum and Shampoo Carpets

A hot-water extraction gadget and rotary shampoo can be the best choice to deep-clean your synthetic rugs and carpets. If you also have rugs without backings, you might want to get it cleaned by a professional.

Dust Shelves and Books

Remove your books and other materials from the shelves and brush them with the help of a feather duster. You can try using it or a crevice tool with a vacuum in order to reach the areas that are, otherwise, unreachable. If you are an avid reader, you are likely to have leather-bound books. You can wipe them clean using a soft, clean piece of cloth.

Polish the Doors and Windows

Liquid polishes or pieces of cloth soaked in polish are a good match for the slightly discoloured surfaces. If they have worn out, you can use creams and pastes to take care of them. In case the tarnish does not get removed, get a more powerful item.

Ensure Fire Safety

The batteries of your smoke detectors need to be changed twice a year, and spring could be one of those times. Clean dust from the units, discuss escape plans with your family and teach them to properly use fire extinguishers. Safety is the biggest priority.

Dust the Rooms Thoroughly

Always clean rooms from the top to the bottom and vacuum the dust that accumulates on the floor. Before the wall and floor, clean the window casings and ceiling fans.

These are but a few of the numerous tips you can include in your spring cleaning checklist. You can personalise the list according to your requirements. Whether you want to start from the basement and move up to the attic or begin cleaning outdoors first, make a practical schedule and perform one task at a time. You should also understand that one day will not be enough. In order to save time, ensure that you request your family’s help.


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