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12 Things You Might Forget to Clean at Your Office

Some areas in your office are less visible and less obvious than other places. They easily get overlooked during the cleaning procedure. These places and things bring about a distressing first impression to both visitors and customers. Read on to know what places need to be regularly cleaned instead of being ignored.


The grime and dust accumulated on baseboards often find its way inside HVAC systems and turn the air around you impure.

Behind copy machines and printers

Before stepping away from the copier, check out the tiny particles that have gathered under, behind and around the machine. Don’t forget to clean the area.

Ceiling tiles

Does your office have acoustic tiles on the ceiling? The uneven texture of most such tiles is known for collecting dirt, and the ones situated near vents are susceptible to dark marks.


The constant use of heating systems causes allergens, dust and other particles to assemble around heating vents. Vents in the ceiling like those in kitchens and washrooms should also be considered.

Light fixtures

Bugs often die in fluorescent light fixtures, barring the light’s intensity and complicating your cleaning task. Additionally, fixtures on desks and walls collect dust that diminishes their shine and brightness.

Ceiling fan blades

During winter, ceiling fans are used to bring down the rising warm air down to the place, where it is needed. However, particles and dust in the air stick to the blades like gum.

Frames of pictures

If there are picture frames hanging on the wall, run a piece of cloth on its surface. Look out for fingerprints or a grimy film and make sure that it does not need a dusting.


Your wallpapered or textured walls may become home to dust particles. Whether they are located in areas that see less traffic or are behind doors, the amount of grime that sticks to your finger might surprise you.

Door knobs and switch boards

Switches and door knobs cause the maximum number of contagious diseases. Ensure their regular cleaning as they can be the harbinger of illness, no matter what time of the year it is.


Carpeted stairs look elegant. But they also shelter salt, debris and other particles that can adhere to the bottom of your shoes and spread throughout the house. Hence, clean the corners of stairwells and stairways; be they carpeted or have a hard surface.


People usually clean the front of upholstered furniture. But have you ever compared the front with the back? If your answer is no, try it, and the immense dinginess that awaits you might throw you back with shock. Get steam cleaning done for a cleaner office room.


Wash and wipe the empty space under the microwave or the region behind the refrigerator. There might be cockroaches, lizards and what not, hiding in the darkness and oblivion.

Get in contact with a commercial cleaning service provider to keep your office as fresh as paint. They will not leave out any part.



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