A sticky oven and smeared hobs getting the better of you? Oven and other kitchen appliance cleaning service can address your difficulty beyond compare.

Believe in Us

Do you abhor cleaning a grimy oven? You are not the only person in that case. Many more feel the same, and some of them intelligently hire professional cleaners for domestic and commercial kitchens. Regular or one-off oven cleaning service, you can count on us. Thanks to our dedicated work culture, we have gained a solid reputation.

Ovens, hobs, ranges, extractors, fans, microwaves, BBQs, fridge and dishwasher – just name it, and we will look into its deep cleaning. Render your kitchen thoroughly polished and hygienic with our professional help.

Why Us?

UrgentCleaning is proud to offer high-class oven cleaning services. Owing to our smart technicians, who are also courteous, professional and knowledgeable, we have been able to exceed your expectations every time. We prefer to go the extra mile, and our customers just love it.

  • Several reasons factor in when our rising demand is deliberated.
  • We have been in business for many years.
  • A dependable and friendly service defines us.
  • Our innovative work system is safe with no harmful ingredient involved.
  • Efficient completion of work
  • Protect enamel surface of appliances
  • We carry replacement stuff like lamps and extraction filters.

Detailed Polishing

When it comes to superior oven cleaning, external and deep cleaning, we do it all.

While the top, front and hood cleaning form the external part, the liners, racks and removal of carbon deposits comprise the top-to-bottom cleaning. Prior to commencing work, we scrutinise the appliance, and later, use environmentally safe products to clean the oven and such other stuff.

Once the baked on grime and other greasy accumulation is gone, we also clean the oven window. Finally, not only your appliance will have a makeover, but it will also run more efficiently.

Know More About Us

What Sets Us Apart?

UrgentCleaning is attentive of your needs and anxieties. Our cleaners go through police verification to ensure your safety. For your peace of mind, we insure all our professionals.

A call to one of our offices means that a local expert will reach your address on time.

Ovens Perform Better

It is our attention to detail that your oven and other kitchen appliances reach the desired temperature with minimum energy. The heat too is distributed equally for an even cooking experience.

Additionally, the absence of carbonised grease reduces fire risk, besides bidding adieu to smoke and pungent smell.

Home and Commercial Cleaning Auckland, Bay of Plenty & Wellington

You may run a small diner, a 5-star restaurant, serviced apartments, school or college kitchen or a corporate kitchen, we cater to all and anon with ease.

Hence, not just domestic kitchens, we proffer an equal amount of expertise in getting commercial kitchen appliances cleaned as well.

We Implement Eco-friendly Products

Our cleaning procedure involves the employment of non-toxic and non-caustic cleaners. The last signs of burnt carbon and grease will leave to make the appliance look as good as new.

For removable parts, a specially designed dipping tank is unparalleled for improved unsoiling and decontamination.

Want to return your oven and other kitchen appliances’ better days?